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Christianville Founders Jim and Carol Herget

Christianville Founders Jim and Carol Herget

Christianville was established in 1978 by Jim & Carol Herget with a mission to reach the poorest of people in Haiti with spiritual and humanitarian aid. The Hergets saw a need to establish an orphanage and to meet the spiritual needs of the people in the Christianville area.  Jean Claude Duvalier, President of Haiti, donated approximately 35 acres of land to Christianville for the establishment of an orphanage and to provide humanitarian assistance.

Since its start in 1978, Christianville has been blessed with many new opportunities to expand its ministries through its volunteers, students, workers, and ministry partners. Christianville’s ministry has expanded well beyond the original 35 acres in Gressier, Haiti.  Today, we operate four schools, adult technical school, children’s feeding program, pastoral outreach, several agricultural extension programs, and work with eight churches throughout Haiti. We provide a safe platform for mission groups to develop outreach programs within the community.

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“Sharing the love of Christ through education, nutrition, poverty alleviation and health ministries; and empowering the local church in Haiti.”

The central focus of Christianville is to share the love Christ in Haiti. We believe that is it important to accomplish these evangelistic activities through social benefit programs such as feeding and health ministries. This allows us to share the Gospel while meeting physical needs of the vulnerable. We also believe it is important to focus implement sustainable programs that provide both education and opportunities to the vulnerable poor in Haiti. The programs not only teach the vulnerable how to provide for their families, but also provide the resources necessary to sustain them.

Our Vision is to implement sustainable programs that provide hope for the present, future and eternity.

Haiti shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic. Haitian Creole and French are spoken in Haiti.

The island is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and occupies about 10,700 square miles, which is about the size of Maryland. There are approximately 10,000,000 people reside in Haiti, and around 30% of the population lives near the capital Port-au-Prince.

About 80% of the population is Catholic and less than 20% are Protestant and more than half the population is believed to practice some form of voodoo.

The adult literacy rate is less than 50% and about 80% of children attend primary school (K-6), but only about 25% attend secondary school (7-Filo).

The median age in Haiti is around 22 years old, which is about 16 years less than the average age in the U.S. One of every five children are malnourished and life expectancy is 63 years versus 80 years in the U.S. with an infant mortality rate of more than 5%.

2012 Gross National Income per capital was $760. 80% of the population lives in poverty and 54% of the population lives in abject poverty ($1 per day or less). In 2010 there was a 40% unemployment rate and the average annual inflation between 1990-2012 was 14.3%.

Christianville Foundation Inc. is located in the town of Gressier, highlighted in blue below.