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Agriculture is a staple of the Haitian culture. Farmers are the key to the provision of essential micro- and macro-nutrients to the Haitian people. Christianville, under the guidance of Raoul Kebreau, Director of Agriculture, has a 2.5 hectare farm producing sugar cane, corn, sweet potatoes, bananas, mangos, okra, cucumbers, sweet and hot peppers, tomatoes, beans, spinach and other crops. With an aim to diversify nutrient sources, the farm is nearly self-sustaining as many of the crops are difficult to grow and in high demand. Raoul practices (and teaches) organic farming techniques that utilize indigenous resources for farming, such as a readily available plant called moringa to repel insects and fungus. Though Hurricane Matthew in 2016 eradicated more than 75% of Christianville’s farmland, the farm is now flourishing and continues to grow.


Goat Production


Through the efforts of the Haiti Goat Project, our herd genetics and over all herd health have improved. Crossbreeding with Boer, Nubian and Kiko sires, we are working to increase frame size and carcass yield in our goat herd. Working with the HGP, we have produced and distributed over 40 genetically improved sires to communities in the Gressier area as well as in the Central Plateau since 2012. Our goal for the goat herd is to continue to produce genetically improved goat stock for distribution to area livestock producers. In partnership with the Haiti Goat Project, we also operate the HGP Farm-to-Fork program which provides goat meat-vegetable chili meals to school children in our three rural satellite schools on a weekly basis. These high quality meals provides children important nutrition needed to support their success in school. .



Layer Production 

One of the oldest programs at Christianville, the layer production is a simple and effective protein source. At peak production, the layers can produce up to one thousand eggs daily. Yielding more than 20 flats per day, the eggs produced by the layers are utilized by local organizations, employees, and throughout the Gressier community. Through best management practices, we have been able to extend the layers to an eighteen month cycle.


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