Education is the foundation for success. In Haiti, the majority of students attend private schools. The Christianville school system operates four school locations with one central administration providing a Christ-centered education to over 1,500 students each year. The main campus is called Lassale with satellite primary schools of Jean Jean, TiCousin and TiBoucan. Each morning begins with prayer and devotion before classes. Weekly chapel services are also provided at the schools. Academically these schools maintain educational standards in the top 10% of Haiti. Students receive a meal each day supplemented with animal protein. This nutrition is very important in early brain development.

Currently 540 students are able to attend through the Child Sponsorship Program. Each child’s sponsorship provides tuition to a Christianville School, one school uniform, school books, one meal per school day, general medical, dental and eye care.


Our Lassale school is located next to our campus in Gressier. The school provides both primary (K-6) and secondary (7-Filo) education to over 800 students. Students at the secondary school consistently perform so well in the Haiti National Exams that the school is regarded as one of the top ten schools in Haiti.


The school at Jean Jean is located in the mountains west of our main campus. This campus, nestled in the side of a mountain, serves 160 students (K-6).


The school at TiBoucan is located near the top of a mountain about two miles from our main campus. The school, which meets in the TiBoucan Christian Church, provides primary education (K-6) to over 170 students.


The school at TiCousin is located less than ten miles west of our main campus. The school provides primary education (K-6) to over 170 students. Several graduates of TiCousin attend secondary school at Lassale.



Unskilled labor is a major cause of the 40% unemployment rate in Haiti. This area of education is rarely addressed in Haiti and provides a great opportunity to end generational poverty through education.  “Learning by Doing” is our goal in teaching marketable job skills to our Haitian brothers and sisters.

Christianville Ecole Technique (CVET) opened in January 2014. We launched three apprentice programs in culinary arts, motorcycle mechanics and vocational agriculture. Diploma programs in culinary arts, mechanics and vocational agriculture began in October 2014.  Students graduating from these one to two year programs will earn a diploma from CVET.

vocational2In addition to CVET, we also offer vocational training in the Christianville secondary school at Lassale. All eighth grade students will be taught basic information about each vocation so they can select an area of focus from ninth though eleventh grade.  This will help prepare those students, who do not have the means to attend college, for the workforce in Haiti and provide them with hope for the future.