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School Medical Clinic


With a focus on disease prevention, early detection and intervention, and health promotion, the Christianville medical clinic offers health care to over 1500 students, their siblings, and Christianville staff.  Throughout the 2018-19 school year, Christianville extended its medical service to include monthly mobile medical visits to the community schools of TiBoukan, TiCousin, and Jean Jean. This is made possible solely through the support of donors. Through this effort, countless children received essential primary care and treatment in addition to those already receiving care in the main Lasalle clinic. The medical program also incorporates health education both in practice and in the schools.

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Eye Clinic


Christian Vision Eye Services to Haiti (CVESH)  provides primary eye care services through their clinic located on the Christianville Campus.   Current Services include eye exams,  diagnosis and treatment of basic eye disease, co-management of systemic disease which include the eye with Haiti Health Ministries and eye glasses are offered through a Haitian Optical Company.   The clinic is currently  staffed on an itinerant  basis with volunteer O.Ds and M.Ds primarily from the United States.    There are six Haitian nationals who are trained as support staff for the clinic.  

The CVESH clinic provides a service opportunity for mission-minded Christian eye care professionals.   It is also an excellent venue for student eye care mission opportunities.  CVESH is affiliated with the Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA).

Drs. Lori Geddes and Mike Hutton are optometrists who regularly travel to Haiti to staff the clinic.  We welcome volunteer eye professionals looking to serve the country of Haiti.     Contact Clinic Administrator David Geddes (dageddes@outlook.com)  or director of Clinical Services, Lori Geddes, O.
D (Gedi2@outlook.com)  .

Or find out more through the Fellowship of Christian Optometrist website:   http://www.fcoint.net/.





Dental Clinic


The Christianville Dental Clinic was founded in the 1970’s as a single room and is now grown to a multi room modern facility. A female Haitian dentist, Dr. Andre, currently runs the clinic.  The clinic provides free services to the students of Christianville Schools, their families and local residents who cannot afford to pay for services.  All other patients pay a small fee for their dental services.  Our staff believes one of the best ways to treat dental problems is through prevention.  We have a strong emphasis on teaching basic dental care and providing necessary supplies to help children maintain proper dental hygiene.