Vision, Dental, and Medical Services and Facilities

Eye Clinic

Christian Vision Eye Services to Haiti (CVESH) has been providing primary eye care services on the Christianville Campus in Haiti since 1986, when students from Indiana University made their original missions trip.  CVESH provides a place for mission-minded Christian volunteer eye doctors and students to minster to the Haitian people. We have trained and employee 6 Haitian nationals who support short and long term eye care professionals who volunteer at the clinic. Current services include eye exams, eye glasses through a Haitian optical company, medical treatment of basic eye disease and comanagement of systemic diseases with Haiti Health Ministries. Future services include an on-site eye glass lab (where eye glass lens will be made on site), and an ophthalmology surgery suite.

The loss of the clinic building in the 2010 earth quake presented a challenge, however God is faithful, and this summer (2015) should see the opening of our new eye care facility (see below).

Vision Clinic at Christianville in Haiti

Vision Clinic at Christianville in Haiti


Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 1.30.46 PMDrs. Lori Geddes and Mike Hutton are optometrists who regularly travel to Haiti to staff the clinic. Dr. Cliff Brooks Jr (center) is an Ophthalmologist who has begun regular travel to support the clinic as well.

Contact Clinic Administrator David Geddes or director of Clinical Services, Lori Geddes, O.D. .

Or find out more through the Fellowship of Christian Optometrist website:


Dental Clinic

The Christianville Dental Clinic was founded in the 1970’s as a single room and is now grown to a multi room modern facility. A female Haitian dentist, Dr. Andre, currently runs the clinic.  The clinic provides free services to the students of Christianville Schools, their families and local residents who cannot afford to pay for services.  All other patients pay a small fee for their dental services.  Our staff believes one of the best ways to treat dental problems is through prevention.  We have a strong emphasis on teaching basic dental care and providing necessary supplies to help children maintain proper dental hygiene.

School Medical Clinic

A better tomorrow for Haiti”

University of Florida, College of Public Health and Health Professions, Haiti Laboratory

UF_Signature.svgThe University of Florida Public Health Laboratory is a culmination of efforts led by the UF College of Public Health and Health Professions along with non-governmental organizations FISH Ministries and the Christianville Foundation, and with supporters in the private sector, including Rotary International and the KORE Foundation. Edsel Redden, an associate for environmental and global health international development in the college’s department of environmental and global health, played a key role in bringing together non-governmental organizations to work with UF on the development of the laboratory, part of UF’s A Better Tomorrow for Haiti initiative. The U.S. Department of Defense Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center provided funding for most of the lab’s equipment.

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