Nutrition and Feeding Programs

Elderly Nutritional Assistance Program (ENAP)



The Elderly Nutrition Assistance Program (ENAP) program provides nutritional assistance to the most needy individuals in Christianville’s affiliate church congregations. The churches involved in this monthly program include: TiCousin, JeanJean, TiBoukan, Four-a-Chaux, Grand Savanne, Cabaret, and TiGuave.

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This program provides an opportunity to share the gospel through worship, devotion and prayer from the visiting teams or by one of our community pastors. A hot meal is also served to local church participants and their families/caretakers. We tentatively have scheduled the third week of each month for distribution.

Local Pastors, along with their elders, aid in the selection of participants from their church. They are encouraged to also invite community members who are not church attendees as an outreach ministry. The monthly distribution includes rice, beans, soap and a bottle of oil to 125 senior citizens. The goal is to raise $1,500 for this monthly program. Visiting teams can adopt this program into their mission visit. Other items needed for monthly distribution are: boxes of one-gallon size Ziploc bags and pillow cases.

School Feeding Program

We are committed to providing nutritious meals to the more than 1,400 students attending our schools each day. Research shows that proper nutrition, including the provision of animal protein, not only prevents malnutrition but also enhances brain development in children. Given the high cost of animal protein relative to plant-based foods, most children do not have the opportunity to eat animal protein on a regular basis. A 2012 study performed by the University of Florida College of Public Health and Health Professions has shown the number of malnourished children in Christianville Schools is about four times less than the average rate in Haiti. We are extremely excited to see how this program is benefitting the lives of these children!

The farm operation initially started to provide animal protein to children in the schools. The farm now produces fruits and vegetables in addition to tilapia, eggs, and chicken. While the farm does not provide 100% of the food for the schools, it does provide a significant portion especially for the animal protein