Educating the Mind...

...Preparing for the Future

Primary and Secondary Education

Education is a foundation for success. At Christianville we have 4 schools. 3 of which are satellite schools and Lassalle, here on Campus. Our satellite schools are TiCousin, Jean Jean, and TiBoucan. There are 1500 children enrolled in Christianville Schools; some of which are sponsored or in need of a sponsor. By partnering with local families, your sponsorship allows Christianville to provide tuition, one school uniform, school books, access to general medical, dental and eye care, and partnership with the Goat Chili Program to receive a weekly, protein-rich lunch at school campus. In each of these schools we are dedicated to teaching them Bible, Math, Language Arts, Creole, French, Science, History and English. We believe this program is so important and it is a blessing to families in our local communities as the best opportunity for education and health care.

Helping a child through education creates a better Haiti and a brighter future for our country. Thank you to those who sponsor our children and thank you to those who are prayerfully considering to sponsor today. An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Currently 540 students are able to attend through the Child Sponsorship Program. Each child’s sponsorship provides tuition to a Christianville School, one school uniform, school books, one meal per school day, general medical, dental and eye care.



Our Lassale school is located next to our campus in Gressier. The school provides both primary (K-6) and secondary (7-Filo) education to over 800 students. Students at the secondary school consistently perform so well in the Haiti National Exams that the school is regarded as one of the top ten schools in Haiti.


The school at Jean Jean is located in the mountains west of our main campus. This campus, nestled in the side of a mountain, serves 160 students (K-6).


The school at TiBoucan is located near the top of a mountain about two miles from our main campus. The school, which meets in the TiBoucan Christian Church, provides primary education (K-6) to over 170 students.


The school at TiCousin is located less than ten miles west of our main campus. The school provides primary education (K-6) to over 170 students. Several graduates of TiCousin attend secondary school at Lassale.


A donation of $35 monthly or $420 dollars annually will bridge the gap between what a family can afford to pay for school and the actual costs of the services provided. We are seeking sponsorships for the children enrolled in our satellite schools. In addition to your sponsorship, the child’s family is asked to contribute to the expenses of these services to encourage “ownership” in the ongoing education of their child. Partner with us in sponsorship and be the seed of change in a child’s life!

Your sponsorship allows Christianville to provide: Tuition and education at one of four Christianville School campuses, Christian education, school books, school uniform, access to the Goat Chili from the Haiti Goat Program for satellite campuses, essential primary medical care both through the LaSalle Medical Clinic and Satellite School Mobile Medicine Program, dental clinic, eye clinic, assistance during critical medical conditions and other support as needed.

When you donate to sponsorship, you give with the understanding these funds are used immediately and directly for Christianville Schools and Sponsorship costs. In the event your child moves or discontinues enrollment in Christianville Schools, you may sponsor a different child in his or her place for the remainder of your commitment.




Christianville’s vocational program Centre Vocationnel Et Technique (CVET – formerly, Christianville Ecole Technique) was established in January of 2014 with 30 students with focus on three careers: agriculture, mechanics, and culinary arts. All students graduated after a five month program with emphasis on “learning by doing."

Today, the CVET school offers one and two year programs in the above fields. Experiential learning remains the foundation of the CVET program which is, as of 2019, acknowledged by the Haitian government allowing for students to take a final state exam and receive formal certification in their field. The school continues to serve the Gressier area and surrounding communities. Graduates are trained to continue to serve as “extension agents” by sharing their knowledge with their communities helping to increase food security, safety and processing, and increase earning potential through cash crops, culinary arts, and mechanics.

In addition to CVET, we also offer vocational training in the Christianville secondary school at Lassale. All eighth grade students will be taught basic information about each vocation so they can select an area of focus from ninth though eleventh grade.8 This will help prepare those students, who do not have the means to attend college, for the workforce in Haiti and provide them with hope for the future.

One of the challenges facing the vocational program is that many students are interested in the program, but are not able afford the tuition. You can partner with Christianville to offer a quality vocational education which, upon completion, offers the students greater earning potential. Sponsor a student at CVET today by contacting [email protected]