What to do at Christianville


Mission teams - come stay with us to work on a project or minister in our community

Healthcare providers - offer your skills to assist in our community health initiatives

Skilled craftspeople - bring your tools and your abilities to assist with campus maintenance

Students - create an internship around the many exciting agricultural, educational and evangelistic initiatives taking place on campus

Teachers - participate in training our Haitian teachers and providing them supplies for their classrooms

Donate - your time and resources to God’s work through Christianville!



Christianville strives to provide the best experience for each of our guests with many opportunities to serve and explore Haiti while visiting. When scheduling your trip, consider the options below to see what best suits your team to create a unique experience for your visit. Be sure to let us know what you are interested in doing and we can help you create an experience you'll remember forever!


Summer VBS programs can take place at any of our satellite locations or on our main campus. This is a great way for teams to serve the children by engaging them in the gospel and creating fun activities such as crafts, games, or skits. VBS is also a way to provide the local children with a meal. Your team will have the flexibility to create a fun and engaging week with the kids and will get to spend time loving on the children of Haiti.


The Elderly Nutrition Assistance Program (ENAP) program provides nutritional assistance to the most needy individuals in Christianville’s affiliate church congregations. The churches involved in this monthly program include: TiCousin, JeanJean, TiBoukan, Four-a-Chaux, Grand Savanne, Cabaret, and TiGuave.

This program provides an opportunity to share the gospel through worship, devotion, and prayer from the visiting teams or by one of our community pastors. A hot meal is also served to local church participants and their families/caretakers. We tentatively have scheduled the third week of each month for distribution.

Local Pastors, along with their elders, aid in the selection of participants from their church. They are encouraged to also invite community members who are not church attendees as an outreach ministry. The monthly distribution includes rice, beans, soap, and a bottle of oil to 125 senior citizens. The goal is to raise $1,500 for this monthly program. Visiting teams can adopt this program into their mission trip. Other items needed for monthly distribution are boxes of one-gallon size Ziploc bags and pillowcases.

ENAP is the perfect opportunity for teams to serve through worship, prayer, and gospel with older Haitians in the community.


Teams are constantly engaged in various construction projects with Christianville. Past projects have included rebuilding satellite schools, updating buildings on campus, installing a shower house at Sue's Children's Home, painting/building classroom benches for new school building, painting the kindergarten at Lasalle, and many others. This is a great way to work alongside Haitian workers and help get a much needed project done. If you are interested in serving in this way, contact guest services to see what is needed now!


Working with our schools in whatever way ensures that Christianville continues to reach the most desperate communities in this area. Through sponsorship, nutrition programs, VBS, building projects, and clinic visits Christianville has been able to reach these kids in new and important ways. teams often get involved in maintenance projects at the schools, delivering goat chili to the schools, sponsoring, and leading VBS. Serving at our schools is a great way to connect with the children in Haiti and bring the good news to the kids that attend or live near our four locations.





Attending Church is a huge part of the Haitian culture. Bring your best dress or crispest khakis and visit one of the many churches around us while you are here. The Christianville church, located on campus, is a great option for a nearby church with a translator. There are also churches at each of our satellite locations and even churches in the mountains surrounding our area.


Haiti is an incredibly beautiful country that offers many landscapes. The beach is perfect for visitors to cool off after church or hard work on a project and experience the beauty of Haiti. There are local beaches in Gressier and Leogane to enjoy. Include in your budget a beach visit and you can eat a delicious Haitian lunch next to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.


Free time and early mornings are great times to venture off campus and explore Haiti. There are areas around campus which offer stunning views of the mountains - all the way to the ocean! Teams can hike to church, or even just out for a nice sunrise or sunset stroll.