Evangelism for the Soul...

…Hope for Eternity



At the core of Christianville’s Mission and Vision is the message of the Good News woven throughout each area of service through Christianville. Essential to ongoing discipleship and spiritual growth are the local churches.  Christianville is dedicated to strengthening the local churches in Haiti through its support for the Association of Churches Affiliated with Christianville several members of whom were former Christianville students. Each of Christianville's churches have a variety of outreach ministries including evangelism, women's, men's, and youth ministries, and worship groups.  The Association is comprised of the following eight churches:




Each September, the Association of Churches Affiliated with Christianville holds its annual conference at Christianville. More than 300 pastors, elders, deacons and church members attend the conference each year. Pastors and guest speakers from both the U.S. and Haiti help lead the conference. Christianville helps provide funding for meals and transportation to the participants. We also seek pastors and guest speakers from the U.S. to participate in the conference.



In addition to the Annual Convention of Churches, Christianville also tries to provide quarterly pastoral training events. We host pastors from U.S. churches to provide two to three days of pastoral training seminars for the pastors, elders and deacons of the Association of Churches Affiliated with Christianville. In addition to the training, we also provide hot lunches for the participants. Please consider investing in the Haitian church leaders’ ability to lead their congregations. If you or your church is interested in participating or sponsoring a quarterly training, please Contact Us.